Friday, July 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood Doc: When the Remains are not so "War Torn"

The Center for Medical Progress has released the fourth video in its series exposing the ghoulish activities of the Planned Parenthood Body Parts business.

For the squeamish, you may prefer not to watch the video linked above. For everyone that pays taxes, you should watch the video.

When White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says that CMP's videos are selectively edited, he doesn't clarify whether he means "edited" in the same way as Planned Parenthood technicians "edit" the body of a little boy whose parts are up for grabs in the video.

The whole video -- hard to watch -- tells the story that should defund Planned Parenthood, that should produce changes in federal law on organ and tissue donation and fetal experimentation.

What I've done below, with some screen grabs, is to provide seriously disturbing excerpts. Read on, and weep:

First of all, the Planned Parenthood representative acknowledges that they get complete fetal remains when a mother delivers before PP can see them "for a procedure."

Remember that. Intact.

 Dr. Ginde allows the visitors to watch as the aborted remains of a murdered child are picked apart by the staff ghoul.
 Well, well, "It's a baby."

Hmmmmm. A baby?

How did a baby get mixed up in with these "products of conception?"

The ghoul picks out the dead child's heart.


Since when do these abortions take place after there's a heart? 

 Dr. Ginde likes the idea of pricing things "per item" rather than by the complete remains.

Apparently the whole is not equal to the sum of the parts on sale.

 Dr. Ginde also wants us to know that these children are good sized, and their remains can be removed by hand from the medical devices.
 As it turns out, being able to remove them by hand is an important financial consideration, as the remains are not so "war torn."

And speaking of war, it sounds like even Planned Parenthood knows that its conducting a war on the unborn child.

What a lucky day!

A stomach!

A kidney!

A heart! 

And, then, well, what would they have found to discover that this dead child is "another boy."

"Another boy."

As in, not the first boy that day?