Friday, July 31, 2015

No Service Today?

This particular blog is unrelated to most things about which I write. Also, I have no idea whether what I'm writing is unusual.

I had reason to visit at about 8:30 am. This website aggregates information on downed internet, cable and cellular services. At first, I was just curious why Sprint and T-Mobile were both down in Atlanta, Georgia. I looked at the service outage report map for Sprint and saw service outages in Atlanta and several other major metropolitan areas. Then I looked at the service outage report map for T-Mobile and saw THE EXACT SAME THING.

At that point, I think, "Hmmmmmmm, this is curious." So I return to the mainpage on  Here's what you see when you go to the page:

Each of those logos is a hot link to an individualized report page for the named service.

So I clicked on Comcast. And TimeWarnerCable. And Charter. Etc. Etc. Each service reportage major outages. Each page offered a nationwide outage map. Each map showed significant outages in major metropolitan areas.

Then, I noticed on the homepage that the black menu bar had an option called "PROBLEMS."

So I clicked on "PROBLEMS" and here's what I saw:

Hmmmmmmmmm. Every major cell provider, several smaller ones, every major cable service and internet service provider, and several smaller ones?

Would the more knowledgeable among you mind helping me figure out ... sun spot? solar flare? system stress test? Jade Helm?