Monday, October 7, 2013

A Tale of Two Parks

So ... Lake Meade is a national park property.  Nonetheless, there are private residences constructed on that private land.  Yet, because the National Parks are closed, the owners of those private residences are barred from residing in their own home.

Oddly, there is a publicly owned residence, also situated entirely within another National park.  Though the National Parks are closed, and private residence owners are barred from residing in their own residences in those parks, there is a family being allowed to reside in a publicly owned residence within that other National Park.

Must be nice to be the Village Chieftain.


The White House is a National Park.  Yes, the people of the United States own that park and the private residence quarters therein.  Yes, the National Park Service is denying Lake Meade residents the right to return to their homes.  No, the National Park Service has not given the squatters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the bum's rush.