Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tyrant Unmasked: Clinton Wanted to Conduct Drone Strike on Ecuadorian Embassy in London

Growing up, most of us had that one friend in our group, the one whose judgment was reliable only in the sense that it was always bad. 

"Your parents won't even know we took the car."
His squeaky, early adolescent, 14 year old's voice, cajoled you and the others to take the car for a joy ride.
"They don't have cameras in the bathrooms, stupid, they'll never know who set fire to the trash can. Man, it's too nice a day to be stuck in school!"
"The back doors on these places never have alarms, let's just pry the door open and see what we find!"
The difference between you and that moron is that you knew your parents would know, that someone would tell who set the fire, and that lots of businesses use alarm systems to protect themselves from economic harm.

On the not so shady side, maybe it was just the bad idea of building an underground fort ... who knew underground structures should be reinforced against collapse? Or his idea for fun around the campfire, playing a game of tossing matches at a gas can?

Here you are, though. You survived his completely insane disconnect with reality.

Today, if he were to say these things to you, you'd ask him when he might be growing up. And if you learned that one of your kids had a friend like him, it would be time for one of those cozy conversations about how you nearly didn't survive your teenage years.

Now that you have developed a mature judgment about such things, you can chuckle about his insanities, but you would never again be tempted by them.

Just imagine that knucklehead being put in charge of a Nation's relationships with other every other nation on the planet. Imagine such a person being made the Secretary of State of the United States.

In fact, rather than imagine such a circumstance, just think about our near bellicose collision with the United Kingdom and Ecuador when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed conducted a drone strike on the Ecuadorian Embassy to kill Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

Talk about collateral damage.

H/T to @ColumbiaBugle and @TruePundit for the story of Hillary's "it would be hilarious if it weren't a story about a serious contender for the presidency." You can read the details here.

I just thought, in case things weren't clear, we ought to look at what Hillary thought the Obama Administration should do to stop embarrassing leaks coming from @Wikileaks.

First, to get a clear perspective, understand that Hillary, as Secretary of State, was in Washington, DC, here in America, and Julian Assange, then as now fleeing a trumped up charge out of Sweden, had taken residence in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, England.

This map shows the USA and the UK in relation to each other:

This map shows "Foggy Bottom," the headquarters of the US Department of State, which is located in Southwest Washington, DC, near the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and The George Washington University:

Apparently Hillary gets her craziest ideas when she's there (odd that she didn't direct a drone strike, or a dozen, against the murderous terrorists attacking Benghazi, though).

Now, if we go, as the Brits say, "across the pond" to England, we can get an idea about what it was that Hillary "Major Kong" Clinton proposed to do.

The Ecuadorian Embassy is located in London. You can see London's location here:

Now, London has been around for some two thousand years, so it's had a long time to grow. It is a large metropolis. So here is a map shows the location of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London:

You might not have noticed, so go back and look at that last map again. Do you see the property located about 4000 feet to the east of the embassy? Yes, that's right. That is Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace is home to some famous folks. In particular, England's Monarch, Queen Elizabeth spends time there. Sometimes, as here, she spends that time waving to her loyal subjects. We've seen so many photos of this sort: the young Queen, the Queen with her young children, the Queen with her adult children and their spouses, and then with grandchildren.

Now, at 3 am Eastern Standard Time today, October 4, 2016, we all expected Julian Assange to make a major, and long-awaited announcement of information regarding our deeply disturbed former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Here you can see Assange at the very window where he might have appeared to make that announcement.

Remember, that window is less than a mile from the one where the Queen thrills the hearts of her loyal subjects with an appearance and a wave.

And Hillary Clinton, who thinks that Donald Trump cannot be trusted to have access to America's nuclear arsenal, wanted to conduct a drone strike targeting Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador (which, by international law, is the sovereign territory of Ecuador) in the heart of London, in the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom, all within a mile of Buckingham Palace.

In case you forgot about it, Hillary Clinton stated her case against Trump's fitness quite distinctly:
"A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."
Yes, that was her standard. She laid it out in her dreadful nomination acceptance speech. Odd thing though. Look how easily it can be transmogrified to fit Clinton's insane proposal to send a drone to strike the Ecuadorian Embassy in London:
"A woman you can bait with document leaks is not a woman we can trust with nuclear weapons."
Seriously, there are deeply disturbing aspects to this revelation.

Yes, it is surprising that Clinton, as Secretary of State, proposed attacking Ecuador and the United Kingdom. I wasn't aware we were then in a state of war with either nation, or, for that matter, that we were at war with the non-existent State of Wikileaks.

And, given collateral damages reported with virtually every US-orchestrated drone strike, it is surprising that Clinton proposed such a strike in the largest metropolis in the United Kingdom, and in such close proximity to the home of Queen Elizabeth.

Perhaps Clinton thought drones were, well, the size the balsa wood gliders we liked to throw as kids? Here's a drone on the tarmac in Italy, ready to take flight. The serviceman on the tarmac in front of it gives you some perspective on size. Depending on the particular mission and drone, these may be equipped with Hellfire Missiles or other ordinance.

When the US military conducted a drone strike on the Syrian city of Kobani, the immediate aftermath was captured in a photograph, shown on the left here.

Imagine the mind that suggests that we inflict this kind of attack on TWO SOVEREIGN NATIONS AT ONCE!

Actually, you don't have to imagine that mind, the Democrats nominated that mind to be the next President of the United States:  Hillary Clinton.

Of course, you'll tell me to calm down.

You'll say, "but it never happened" or "cooler minds prevailed." Small comfort. As President of the United States, the contents of cooler minds do not TRUMP the orders of the President.

Do we really want a raving lunatic, whose first response to embarrassment, is a tantrum proposing a war-like assault on our longest standing ally, near the gears of war, the arsenals of destruction, the seat of American might?