Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another Page from Aesop's Fables

As a black couple, you have been highly frustrated. Saving and scrimping, you accumulated the funds for a healthy down payment on a home.

Several neighborhoods near good schools, close enough in for commuting, but every house you try to view comes off the market after you view it. In fact, your realtor seems to be ignoring your criteria and directing you toward mixed urban areas, not as good schools, higher crime rates, but lots more black folks.

Being a naif, you suspect nothing.

After a few months of searching, your crazy, one-eighth black uncle is talking with you, and you tell him about your frustrations. You think nothing of the conversation.

Unbeknownst to you, your uncle has a suspicion that racial profiling and steering are occurring. Of course, such practices violate federal and state discrimination statutes. He can't get a government agency -- not one, from AAA to ZZZ -- to take interest and investigate.

So he takes the task on himself.

He buys lapel cams and microphones. He hires a couple of actors and actresses. He rents some vehicles. He creates a couple of identity records with varying levels of creditworthiness.

He springs his trap.

White couples with poorer credit always seem able to buy the houses.

Black couples with better credit always seem to be frustrated in their efforts.

More disturbing, he has his white test couples ask questions about racial mixing in the neighborhoods. The realtors admit that racial steering is a regular practice, and that the entire process can, in fact, be quite lucrative.

Over a 6 month period, quite to your surprise, your crazy uncle conducts a series of public press conferences and informational releases. His investigation shames agents with Superwhizbang Realty and the Bank of the Lilies.

Ultimately, your State Attorney General announces that she will be investigating Superwhizbang and the Bank of the Lilies. Both agencies are put through a regulatory wringer each time they are part of a realty transaction.

Then, one day, a press release comes out:
"Investigator Behind Video Investigation of Racist Realty Practices and Racist Lending Practice Indicted, Realtor and Bank Exonerated."

No one cares about children being murdered by abortion.

Why would they care about selling their bodies ... unless they find out the buyers supply products to Chinese restaurants?