Monday, July 27, 2015

More than Just Videos: Exposing the Ghouls at Planned Parenthood

The news broke three weeks ago, with video footage accompanying, that Planned Parenthood sells organs and body parts recovered from abortions that it performs. Last work, the bizarre story took a further, ghoulish turn when a Planned Parenthood official expressed her goal of funding the purchase of a Lamborghini from the sales of fetal remains. That official also discussed the possibility of using "less crunchy" methods of abortion so that viable tissue remains following abortions that, under usual methods, would not result in usable materials.

If you have not seen the videos, the Center for Medical Progress has them available, both the edited and unedited versions here.

Home Page of the Center for Medical Progress (

Among the hard and fast responses from Planned Parenthood is that there is no "profit" in the activity of tissue harvesting. Here are some indications that those that procure tissues are providing payments over and above "shipping and handling" costs:

Excerpted from a flier for StemExpress

Excerpted from Terms & Conditions from Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc.

Fee Schedule from Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc.

There is that ghoulish moment in the second video when the possibility of employing a "less crunchy" abortion method, in order to procure intact "tissues" is discussed. I guess PP in Mar Monte will have to consider updating their forms.

And, lest you be left with the impression that this harvesting of tissue is something new to Planned Parenthood, the 2000-2001 Planned Parenthood Federation of America Annual Report describes new initiatives including "fetal tissue donation."

Ultimately, the expose videos, the supporting materials, all add up to one conclusion about Planned Parenthood: