Friday, April 10, 2015

White House Introduces . . . the Genderless Restroom

The White House announced today that, to complete the cycle of expanding gender equality, it has completed plans for, and will shortly open, the first Gender Free Bathroom.
The announcement was accompanied by this photo of the new restroom.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest explained critical design features of the new facility:
"These unique restroom facilities comport with the psychological metareality of the genderless. As they understand themselves to be without gender (and therefore without urogenital configuration), these facilities are real cost savers. No plumbing. No running water. No paper towels versus hand dryer battles. While, for all the world, these strongly resemble empty rooms, these are precisely the kinds of restrooms that the genderless demand, and that the public's previous denial of have caused so much pain and anguish among the genderless."