Friday, February 20, 2015

Aesop's Fables: Fifty Shades of . . . Hate

Once, a young man was taken into police custody.  When arrested, he was in the throes of a cathartic release of violence on a young woman.  His fingers had to be prised from around her neck.

The young lady, lay battered and beaten on the ground.  He had been pulled off her. But how did this all begin?

She came into his perceptions. Early on, he hardly knew her. But as he came to know her, he began to hate her. His hate was a matchstick to start. He began by mocking her in speeches and in class. He called her names. He despised her reputation.

Later, he befriended other young ladies that also despised her. When he and they met up, they did little else except talk about the young lady, how despicable she was, how offensive her very existence was to them.

All the while, inside himself, he seethed with self-loathing, because of a rotten childhood that taught him nothing of the values that the young lady embodied, even is she did so imperfectly.

When the opportunity presented itself, he sprang on her out of the dark. He knocked her to the ground, knocked her teeth out, pummeled her, and, when the opportunity arose, looked over and caught the adoring grins of the not-so-nice young ladies that loved him now for hating her so well.

As he sat in his jail cell, waiting to learn if he would be prosecuted for a vicious assault, or for murder, he could hear the TV set behind the guard post.  Evening news stuff. Comments about his case. It turned out that a former prosecutor made a statement on one of those 24/7 coverage networks. Hesaid, "well, we don't know everything at this point, but one thing this evidence makes clear, He didn't love her."

The media had a feast. How dare the prosecutor question the manner by which this young man chose to show his love for the young lady? How low would a former government official sink in a patent effort to get attention? How obviously racist the comments were?

All the while, the media did not cover the brutal beating of the young lady, how badly she had been savaged by the man, the depth of the cuts, the permanence of the wounds, or the unjustified nature of his attack.

The moral of the story:

Giuliani is right, all we have to go by is the evidence, and the evidence says that Obama does not love America.