Monday, November 4, 2013

MacAuliffe v. Cuccinelli: Bringing Liars and Thieves Out of the Closet

Anymore, it seems like affixing a (D) to your name as a political candidate is your way of coming out of the closet, the closet of being a secret liar, a secret thief, a secret socialist, a secret statist, a secret hater of liberty, a secret despiser of economic freedom.

Tomorrow in Virginia, Terry MacAuliffe, a man who has no qualifications of leadership, of service, of understanding Virginia's government will ask you to come out of your closets too, and say, 
  -  "Yes, I support open lying," 
  -  "Yes, I support open theft," 
  -  "Yes, I prefer socialism to capitalism," 
  -  "Yes, I support the power of the State over the individual," 
  -  "Yes, I hate liberty," and 
  -  "Yes, I hate economic freedom." 
You can join your voice with MacAuliffe's, you can tell Virginia and America that the time of freedom, honesty, capitalism, individuality and liberty has passed.

Or, you can vote for Ken Cuccinelli.

I hope you will vote for Ken, and reject the lies, theft, socialism, Statism, and tyranny that MacAuliffe embodies.