Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Puppet or Genius? Let's Play the Obama Guessing Game!

You might think I'm being hyperbolic.  I do not think that I am.  It's just that I have questions:

Is Barack Obama a moron?  Is he, as it were, Mr. Bean Goes to the Oval Office?

So, is Barack Obama a sock puppet for George Soros, or, in fact, is Barack Obama an evil genius?

Has he, singlehandedly, masterminded the plans by which:

  --  90+ million Americans have LEFT THE WORKFORCE,

  --  nearly 50 million Americans have become eligible for foodstamps,

  --  by which black Americans have fallen behind in every measurable economic indicator,

  --  by which millions HAVE LOST THEIR INSURANCE,

  --  by which millions have lost their private physician patient relationship,

  --  by which America's unions have been forced to admit that his policies are destroying the 40 HOUR WORK WEEK that is considered the backbone of the middle class?

Honestly, I don't know.  And it isn't that I have tried to find the answer.  And it isn't that I am unwilling to give him credit where it is due.  Let me explain.

I'd be impressed with his grades at Occidental, at Columbia, at Harvard.  I would be, if he'd release them.  I AM impressed with his ability to receive FOREIGN STUDENT AID at OCCIDENTAL.

I'd be impressed that he was president of the Harvard Law Review (seldom right in its thinking, but always prestigious in its reputation).  But my being impressed would be based on having thought that he got on the law review the way everyone else does it, by writing a comment, casenote, or legislative note, of sufficient significance and quality to demonstrate that he was equal to the task of editing a law journal.  But there is NO EVIDENCE THAT HE EVER WROTE to get onto the HLR.

I represent activists, and have done so for 25 years.  So I'd be impressed by his work as a community organizer.  But where is the evidence that Obama organized anything?  The present evidence is that he is a community disorganizer, a nation disheveler, a creator of malcontent and discontent.  And, in Chicago, what is the boon to which the communities of Chicago point, fondly remembering the early morning hours of Barack Obama, toiling selflessly toward change?  I mean, I do hear alot about the rampant crime in Chicago, and there is a statistical nexus between poverty and crime, so perhaps the rampant crime is a monument to his work in Chicago.

I'd be impressed by his service as a state legislator in Illinois.  After all, no less luminary a man than Abraham Lincoln served eight years in the Illinois legislature.  But the evidence of Obama's presence in the Senate is terribly thin.  Thin, that is, unless you focus on his efforts to prevent the State of Illinois FROM ADOPTING A LAW THAT PROTECTED CHILDREN BORN ALIVE AFTER ABORTION.  His record of voting "present" on most matters makes me think that he took rather seriously Bill Clinton's decision "to preserve future political viability" (his explanation for draft dodging). 

I'd be impressed by him as a loving and caring father and husband.  Except, as Michelle Obama has explained it, life has not been easy as a single mom.

I'd be impressed by him either as a true fan of sports or as the Commander in Chief of the military, except that he said that, had he had a son, he would not let him play football, and, as many of us have daughters, he has said they can be tasked to front line combat roles.

Is there a bruised reed this man does not disregard?

Is there a hurting puppy he hasn't run over?

Mind you, I'm not DISLIKING THIS MAN and QUESTIONING HIS SUITABILITY to the office because he can't do better than two or three nets out of twenty-five shots from the free throw line, and has to depend on his date, Chris Christie, to win him a prize on the boardwalk.

Five years ago, I wrote that the man is a cipher, that he is a realpolitik version of the International Man of Intrigue.  The intrigue being who he is, where his ideas come from, what, in fact, his ideas are.

His attraction to others, I opined, is that they saw what they wanted to see in him, not who he was.  I observed that it was, nearly impossible, based on his own pronouncements and labors, to know who Obama was.  My views haven't changed nor has the shroud of mystery that enshrouds Obama's past lifted.