Monday, May 13, 2013

Your Medical Info: Would It Make Good Bathroom Reading?

Do you think that your medical information should be private?

Do you want Sue at the beauty shop, or Ron at the service station, or Stan your accountant, or Beth your attorney to know? 

To know that you have depression? have anxiety? have scoliosis? have scabies? have wet eczema?  have muscular dystrophy? have diabetes?

Will it bother you if they learn you take prozac? take viagra? take chemo? take replacement hormone therapy? take antibiotics?

The fact is, you do, from time to time, tell others about your diagnoses, your conditions and your treatment.  But the fact also is that there are many folks that you do not tell.  And there are some folks who choose medical privacy at a high level of preference.

And every one of you suckers are enjoying the VERY LAST YEAR OF MEDICAL PRIVACY IN YOUR LIVES.

That's right.

When the IRS issues annual return forms in coming years, you will be required to provide your HEALTH IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.  It is the only way to allow the IRS to fulfill its "DUTY" of taxing folks who disobey the "universal mandate" to purchase health insurance.

Now some of you will say, "so what, just because they have my Health ID No. doesn't mean they will go giving my health records an endoscopy!"


And the IRS won't target groups that teach about the Bill of Rights for special scrutiny.