Friday, May 10, 2013

Kerry Will Leave No Stone Unturned ... Obamaroaches Will Scurry

Folks with a bit of grey at the temples will remember who it was that sought to preserve future political viability.

I think John Kerry's statement that the State Department will leave no stone unturned in seeking out the truth of what happened with Benghazi reflects a profound awareness on his part that Barack Obama has cleared his glide path to the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination and that Hillary has stupendously failed to "preserve future political viability."

Let's face it:  Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations are dead, after the latest Benghazi revelations (State Department micro-editing and control of the Susan Rice talking points).  ABC News has talking points as they evolved prior to Susan Rice's quintefecta of fabrications.

If the stink of this scandal leads to Obama's resignation or impeachment, I think Joseph Biden will see a short shelf life as President, purely comical caretaker, and if Kerry takes a serious (at least for the public) stand, he would be rightly perceived by Democrats as the mop and bucket needed to clean up their party's disastrous White House implosion.

Just sayin!