Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Twitter Protects You From Exposure to Sensitive Media!

I received a tweet from an acquaintance that shares many political views with me.

The tweet immediately intrigued me because, rather than its content automatically displaying, there was a warning message that the tweet might contain sensitive media.

Well, a lot of violence in the world, I thought to myself, could be photos of a terrorism crime scene, another mass murder of Egyptian Christians on the Mediterranean shore by radical Islamic extremists, or something similar. Nice of Twitter to provide a mechanism to protect folks from being automatically exposed to images that might be shocking or offensive, or worse.

As it turns out, there is a setting in your Twitter settings that activates that filter. Here's an image of that setting on my account:

Here's a screen capture showing the tweet I received, with the sensitive media filter turned on. Don't worry, no need to avert your gaze, with the filter on, no dead, decapitated bodies, no humans being sawn asunder, no exploding suicide vested extremists:

If you look closely, you'll see the ongoing debate tweet (this was about religion in America) at the top of the image. In the tweet from @RNR_Mississippi, the option is offered to view content.

The more squeamish among you may want to avert your gaze at this point, because here is the unfiltered image that was then displayed:

Merry happy HannaChristmaKwaanzaa to you!