Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sometime the Unraveling is Deliberate ... Learn to Recognize the Signs

Obamacare co-ops are collapsing.

Premiums skyrocket, you think. Then, the new year arrives and you realize last year's increase was just the lift off stage and now you're seeing the skyrocketing.

Co-pays ... up!

Deductibles ... up!

Now, you can look at all this, and think, My, how wise Hillary Clinton is to acknowledge "glitches" in the system. If that is your approach, you are an idiot, and a serious part of the problem. Allow me to illustrate why you are an idiot, and part of the problem, with a bit of video.

If you see a loose thread on an article of clothing, you may clip that thread (the wiser approach), or you may tug on the thread. Hilarious sight gags are born of the temptation to pull the loose thread on an unsuspecting person's sweater. Usually that sight gag is accomplished in places where the accidental unclothing of another is particularly unwelcome. Think Mr. Bean picking at the thread of a sweater on an elderly woman sitting in front of him in church.

That kind of unraveling you might well call unintended, accidental

But when you come across something like this video shows, you have to understand the unraveling is no accident, is not "unexpected," was capable of being "predicted," was, in fact, the design of the invention.

Now, as you watch Obamacare crap out across the Nation, taking even the sense of security provided by reasonable medical insurance coverage from millions of Americans, you can be sure that the ticking time bomb that was imposed on the Nation without a single Republican vote was just as deliberately designed to destroy as the unraveling device depicted above.