Monday, August 31, 2015

Hillary vs Trump: Yes, There Are Differences

Hillary Clinton is a crook, a bully, a toad.

So, as you ramp up talking about how horrible it would be to have Donald Trump as our next president, let's talk about what the Hillary presidency looks like. We can predict the nature of that presidency based on her track record.

What has Hillary done in life? What is the basis from which a track record can be devised?

Her professional resume is, essentially, the following:

  1. Staff, Watergate Committee
  2. First Lady of Arkansas
  3. Rose Law Firm partner
  4. First Lady of the United States
  5. United States Senator
  6. Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, Capitol Hill Staffer: Entering the Ethics Free Zone

The story of her service on the Watergate Committee is well known by now. She was a young attorney. She was assigned a research and writing project. Her performance suited the needs of the Committee chair, but would have denied an accused president the right to representation by counsel. The problem with the conclusion is that it was contrary to prior practice in Congress. To overcome that problem, typically, one would master legal arguments justifying a contrary approach and use the power of persuasion. Or, if easier, one might confiscate relevant records and deny their existence. Hillary preferred the latter, easy course. Fox News explained:
When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career. 
“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”
Hillary Clinton, First Lady of Arkansas, Land Speculator, Attorney

Regarding Hillary’s time with the Rose Law Firm, the key concerns have to do with using her offices as an attorney there to cover up crooked dealings in land speculation with a now defunct Savings and Loan called Madison Guaranty. You can follow the time line and come to your own conclusions at this site. The bottom line, from my reading of these matters, is that Hillary, land speculator, used Hillary, attorney, to cover up serious deficiencies at Madison Guaranty S & L, and, in fact, hid the billing records of the Rose Law Firm when the Clintons moved to the White House, so that her role could not be substantiated.

During this time period, Bill has been a serial womanizer, taking advantage of his positions as Arkansas Attorney General and Arkansas Governor to bed a variety of women, amongst whom the now most prominent are Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones. These women, and others who were his special perks discovered in Hillary a rage of unforgivability, directed at them, rather than at her own husband. True, he was in a position of power and had the advantages of their willingness, but in the politics of power, Hillary’s bullying of Bill’s women fails to account for Bill’s responsibility. It also belies any sense that Hillary could effectively command a definitive offense for the fairer sex in the so-called war on women. Women have, because of Bill Clinton’s proclivities, been too often in Hillary’s angry cross-hairs.

Hillary Clinton, First Lady of the Nation, Poor Procurer of Personnel, Wager of a War on (Bill’s) of Women, Perpetual Plug of Prosecutorial Probes, Plunderer of Presidential Pickings

Hillary Clinton spearheaded the Clinton administration effort at health care reform. At the time, during the first two years of his administration, Clinton’s party owned both the House and the Senate during this period. Despite her “catbird” seat of leading a Democratic Party favored proposal – health care reform – under a Democratic administration with a Democratic Congress, Hillary could not obtain any legislative reform of health care (thank goodness). To call her failure on health care reform catastrophic is a fair summation.

Bill entrusted Hillary with the task of selecting an appropriate female nominee for Attorney General. Her record there offers nothing to recommend her as the Chief Executive of America’s single largest corporate employer, the federal government.

For Attorney General, Hillary proposed
  • First, Zoe Baird, who was forced to withdraw her name from consideration when her employment of an illegal alien as a nanny, and her failure to pay income taxes on her nanny’s employment income came to light.
  • Second, Kimba Wood, who was also forced to withdraw when a similar, but less disturbing nanny issue arose. Like Baird, Wood employed an illegal alien as a nanny. Wood had the good sense to comply with federal tax laws and paid the relevant taxes. The disturbing similarities took the fire out of the administration’s stomach to fight for Wood’s nomination.
  • Third, and finally, Janet “Kill ‘Em to Save ‘Em” Reno. As Attorney General, Reno made the decision to gas and burn David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas, resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children. Even Bill Clinton later described the selection of Reno as “my worst mistake.”
Next, Bill entrusted Hillary with the task of finding a head for the United States Civil Rights Commission. Hillary chose Lani Guanier. Guanier immediately catalyzed opposition because of her legal theoretical writings. Guanier wrote on race-conscious redestricting. Though disputed by some, her writings gave rise to the impression that she thought only blacks could validly represent blacks in Congress. Her troubles were exacerbated by her reputation of supporting race-conscious quotas, so-called benign discrimination. Clinton withdrew Guanier's nomination from consideration after her political views – radical to say the least – came to light.

Hillary intervened in the operations of the White House Travel Office. She did so to benefit a family friend by insuring that he would be able to obtain unrestricted travel contracts. When the Travel Office staff balked, Hillary had them fired. Although a subsequent investigation did result in the prosecution of a single staffer – for commingling personal and office funds – that prosecution resulted in a jury acquittal.

Next, as she fully explored the inanity forever preserved in her paranoid notions of a “vast right wing conspiracy,” she placed a family friend as Director of White House Security. That friend, Craig Livingston then proceeded to use his position, illegally, to access and peruse the FBI investigatory files of some 900 Clinton “enemies.” (Apparently the only thing Hillary learned from investigating Nixon was how to get information on your political enemies.)

As the Clinton administration blossomed into the waiting room of Bill’s bordello of booty, Hillary “managed” that scandal too. Rather than settling quickly with Bill’s sexual harassment victim, Paula Jones, Hillary pushed him to fight the charges in her lawsuit. By the time that (legal) affair ended, an American president had lied under oath, had wagged his finger in the face of a nation while lying to it, and had become only the second US president to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

In a departing cascade of criminality, Hillary and Bill looted about two hundred thousand dollars in china, silverware, and art objects from the White House. Of that total, the Clintons returned, by valuations, about half, and paid to keep the remainder.

Hillary Clinton: Leftist Senator

After time away from Washington, Hillary’s next career move was to seek and to win a seat in the Senate as the junior senator from the State of New York. In a March 31, 2015, posting on The Daily Kos, an analysis of her record as Senator puts her to the LEFT of John Kerry, Joe Biden, Barbara Mikulski, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, and Claire MacCaskill. To find a more leftist progressive in the Senate one needed to seek out the likes of Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer. Even Illinois junior senator came out more moderate in the Daily Kos rankings than did Senator Clinton.

If you suspect Daily Kos and its analysis, similar analysis of Hillary Clinton’s service as a senator, though not precisely the same, is found on the GovTrack website.

Madame Secretary, The Widely Traveled Accomplisher of Naught

Perhaps no picture better symbolizes the “successes” of Hillary Clinton’s initiatives as Secretary of State under Barack Obama than the famous foible of the “reset button.” You know the story, or can read about it. Here’s one link covering the goof.

Oddly, Madame Secretary Clinton could not, herself, quite put her finger on the signature accomplishments or even accomplishment of her tenure at the State Department. Both in a one on one interview with ABC News news reader Diane Sawyer, and in an earlier speech to a women’s forum in Manhattan, Madame Secretary Clinton did not, or could not, identify a single accomplishment.

Her accomplishments are just as well known to her supporters. The Bloomberg news organization explored the Clinton candidacy with a focus group.
Nearly all loved Hillary Rodham Clinton. “She’s a bad mama-jama,” said one female participant. 
Bad mama-jama is good, by the way. 
The woman explained that Clinton is “not afraid to step up” or “afraid to say, ‘No. I don’t want to do it that way. I’m going to do it this way.’” 
Another participant insisted that Clinton is a “better woman than I am” — a great standard for selecting a president, to be sure — because of Clinton’s ability to weather various scandals and humiliations. 
The awkward part came when Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin asked the room, “What did she accomplish that you consider significant as secretary of state?” 
The answers — or rather, the replies, since no one had an answer — were awkward, to say the least. 
“I really can’t name anything off the top of my head,” one squirming Democrat admitted. 
“Give me a minute. Give me two minutes. Go to someplace else,” another Iowa Democrat pleaded. 
A third let the uncomfortable silence play out for as long as she could before confessing, “No.”
Of course, to be fair, though not necessarily to Hillary, her term as Secretary of State saw this stupendous collection of developments:
  • Madame Secretary Clinton gave away American resources to Russian companies after/because they donated to the Clinton Foundation. 
  • Hillary got off her lumpy backside and pushed through State Department paperwork on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Did she do it because it's good for America? Well, if so, then why has Obama refused to approve it? Did she do it because the money behind the pipeline donated to the Clinton Foundation? Ahhhh, now you see. 
  • Hillary FAILED to take immediate action to buttress security at Benghazi facilities despite repeated requests. Hillary knew, during the attack, that the attack on Benghazi is not a random act of protest against an online video that defamed Islam. If you doubt that, you haven't been reading the email dumps from State this summer. So when she told grieving parents that we would punish the malefactor responsible for stirring up that strife, she was lied to the parents of a dead son. 
  • Hillary kept quiet about that certain knowledge -- that Benghazi was a planned attack -- when America's UN Ambassador appeared on all of the Sunday morning talk shows and lied to America's face that the attack was the result of a protest gone amok, following the inflaming of passions caused by a video that defamed Islam.
Noto Bene:  Hillary Clinton knew otherwise when this happened. She knew that the American people were being lied to by the President and his administration, herself included. Presidents will ask their staff, from time to time, to do that which strikes them as fundamentally wrong, perhaps in violation of moral law, or against constitutional principles.

How one handles such orders under fire tells us much about the character of the (wo)man.

For example, when Archibald Cox, the Special Prosecutor, got too far up into Nixon's business, he directed the Attorney General to fire him and to take control of the contents of the Office of the Special Prosecutor. Elliot Richardson, the Attorney General refused AND resigned. Nixon then ordered the Deputy Attorney General to carry out the order that Richardson had refused to obey. William Ruckelshaus, the Deputy AG, also refused AND resigned. When the Offices of the AG and the Deputy AG are vacant, the responsibility of these offices falls to the Solicitor General. Robert Bork was that SG. He carried out Nixon's Order.

Hillary served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration as the President and his minions (including Hillary) lied to us about a terrorist attack on our Benghazi assets. She watched and said nothing to the contrary when the lies occurred. And in heart wrenching moments of deeply personal pain for the families of those who died, she did the dirty work of lying to us. Unlike Richardson, Nixon's AG, she did not refuse and resign. Unlike Ruckelshaus, Nixon's Deputy AG, she did not refuse and resign.

Did you ever wonder how instructors at England's private schools become the kind of sadistic pedophiles that scream "you can't have your pudding if you haven't eaten your meat, how can you have any pudding if you haven't eaten your meat?" Perhaps it's because, once upon a time, they were students in those schools, with sadistic pedophiles screaming at them that they couldn't have their pudding until they'd eaten their meat. In much the same vein, if you really believe that Hillary, who played Obama's toadie will not demand equally despicable acts of dishonor and dishonesty by those that serve in a Hillary Clinton administration, you are fatally naive, and I fear, armed to the Nation's great harm with the power of the elective franchise.