Friday, August 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders: The One Candidate with a Plan ... the Malaysian Air Flight Plan

I have never "unfriended" anyone on Facebook or other social media over political disagreements. Even knowing that a person voted for the reprehensible Barack Obama twice, I have thought it a sorrowful admission that our Nation cannot find its way forward if we cut each other off amidst honest and open discussion.

So, no, I will not be "unfriending" those who are now engaged in the fantasy that Bernie Sanders (a) can win the Democratic nomination and (b) would govern our Nation consistently with the Constitution. 

Nor will I refrain from offering what I consider substantial reasons why voting for Bernie Sanders equates with sticking a fork in our Nation. Vote for Bernie Sanders? Well, sure!

There's a plethora of good enough reasons to vote for Bernie:
  • If you loathe liberty, because every initiative on his campaign website enlarges government and does not adjure claims of government prerogative.
  • If the government can spend your money better than you can, because he'll be spending your money on government employees, government plans, and government programs despite long-standing and clear evidence that Keynesian efforts to build economies by building governments always fail.
  • If you think "free college" for everyone is a price tag you won't be paying.
  • If you think that the best we have to offer is guaranteeing $ 15.00 an hour for burger flipping.
  • If you think that adding another paid federal holiday to the calendar (resulting in federal government employees, but NO ONE ELSE) having a paid day off to vote makes sense.
  • If you trust the government to run insurance programs.
  • If you don't actually need the money you are earning.
  • If you believe in Tinkerbell, magic fairy dust, and unicorns.
  • If you believe that the federal government (not States) has the RIGHT to control educational decisions.
  • If you believe that the federal government (not States) has the right to dictate to State and local policing agencies.
  • If you like organizations like Planned Parenthood being able to harvest adrenal glands, brains, lungs, livers, etc, from aborted children in order to sell them to medical researchers.
There are so many reasons to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Just as there are so many reasons to have a drunk perform your brain surgery, just as there are so many reasons to have Barney Fife pilot that jumbo jet you just boarded. So yes, of course, I understand entirely your decision to vote for Bernie Sanders, because I am old enough to recognize 

(a) woeful ignorance
(b) self-destructive naivete, and
(c) suicide on the slow.