Monday, July 6, 2015

OPINION: ICE Did Not Want Killer of Kathryn Steinle Deported So Giving Him to San Francisco Suited Its Purposes

Be very careful how you hear what you hear. Even on Fox News, where the preferred candidate is not, I think, Donald Trump. Do not let them, or anyone, give you the impression that the federal government is innocent of the blood of Kathryn Steinle.

Remember this fact: ICE turned Sanchez over to the SF Sheriff KNOWING that SF declared itself a Sanctuary City 26 years ago, that SF declared non-cooperation with ICE detainers 26 years ago, and that, when ICE turned Sanchez over to SF, it was for possible prosecution for a marijuana charge.

Ask yourself, if ICE had Sanchez, and if Sanchez was DUE TO BE DEPORTED yet again, and ICE turned Sanchez over to SF for prosecution of a very old marijuana related charge (with high likelihood that SF would choose not to prosecute such charge), what was ICE actually doing?


Even if it hurts, think.

Sanchez was, according to news reports, "ready" to be deported. Instead, ICE delivered him to the city authorities in a declared Sanctuary City. They did not deport him.

Come on.

You can do it.


The federal government, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, were avoiding the deportation of a convicted felon DELIBERATELY. Rather than deport him, they transferred him to a city that they KNEW would likely (a) not prosecute him and (b) not comply with its detainer request but, instead, release him.

Heads should roll. In San Francisco. In Washington, DC.