Sunday, October 12, 2014

National Food Shortage Highlighted by First Lady

Apparently we are in a ketchup shortage, and Michelle Obama is doing her part to make sure there are enough packets to go around in schools that receive federal school lunch subsidies. To accomplish that worthy humanitarian goal, the federal school lunch program is being interpreted to bar students from taking more than one ketchup packet with their meals.  

This burden unfairly portrays Michelle as a snooping, intermeddling miserly food grump.  Read more hereTo assist Michelle, I am asking each of my readers to spread the word of this campaign and to help out.

First, please like this post on Facebook or favorite it on Twitter.  Then, please, for the sake of the children, and the Nation, share this important project on your social media sites..

Second, scour your car seats and kitchen drawers for those left-over ketchup packets that you have been unintentionally hoarding during this humanitarian crisis. Package them, address below shown, and mail them to Michelle Obama at the White House, where she has been tirelessly administering the Ketchup for Kids Program. I would also include a handwritten note of thanks. Perhaps something like this:

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for wanting to insure that every child receives one ketchup packet daily with their lunches. Until recently, I was not even aware that ketchup shortages would result in children being denied access to such basic food staples. To support your efforts, and to increase the supply of ketchup packets so that, hopefully, one day, children can satisfy that rare and gnawing hunger for a second packet, I am sending along unopened ketchup packets that, I am embarrassed to say, I have been unintentionally hoarding. I know you will make sure that this ketchup ends up in the hands of children.

God bless you in this important work,

[insert your name here]

Mailing address for Michelle Obama:
Ketchup for the Kids
C/O Michelle Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500