Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Obama vs. Ft. Bliss: Scratch Golf Pursuit Produces Leaky Border Syndrome

I remember laughing, while shopping at Walmart back in 2012, when I read the warning label on a dietary aid, which advised that a possible side effect was "leaky bowel syndrome."

Obama has given our nation something worse than "leaky bowel syndrome."  After all, with LBS, you just gotta get hooked up with some Depends, or a similar product.  But with Obama's version of LBS -- Leaky Border Syndrome -- you get a full-on invasion of unchecked magnitude and nature.  Worse, while there are, undoubtedly, many coming into the nation of general good will, seeking a better future, because the flood is unchecked and without discretion, there is the grave, imminent and perceptible danger that those of fixed ill and evil intent also flow into the Nation.

One consequence of Obama's Leaky Border Syndrome is the high alert status at Ft. Bliss, in El Paso, Texas.

This matters to me for more reasons than the very personal ones of family members stationed at, or living aboard, the base.

This matters because our Nation's liberty is often held captive to our Nation's security.  Even as long ago as the Civil War, when Lincoln unconstitutionally suspended Writs of Habeas Corpus, that connection was patent.  When opponents of government actions (or inactions, as is the case with the First Golfer) speak truth to power, national security is often the first refuge of officious bureaucratic scoundrels who would repress political expression.

Obama does not govern in the sense of a wise, tending, gardener caring lovingly for a treasured secret garden.  Instead, he is very like that gardener described in the parable of the wheat and tares.  Not the farmer that planted the crop of wheat, Obama is the sower of tares in the garden that is our Nation.  His plea for "hope and change" was never founded on a plan for "hope and change."  He never has had, currently has not announced, and shows no sign of a forthcoming plan for "hope and change."

Instead, his seeds are ones of discontent, race-baiting, class warfare.  But just like the sower of tares in the parable, his labor was brief and then his future involvement in the garden nonexistent.  Obama's promise, in that Chicago speech following his 2008 election, promising change, marked the end of any actual tending of the American garden by this President.  He saw a field ready for planting, due to the war weariness of eight years of turmoil following the terrorism of 9/11, and the fomented discontent kept at a low boil by a media that makes no bones about its leftist bias.  And where others had tended the American garden with a view toward continuous growth and improvement, Obama spread his bogus "hope and change" over us all.

Now we live under the poor husbandry of a man who would be a scratch golfer, but who will not commit his labors, his time, his thought, to securing the Nation from external and internal dangers. And this is Obama's crime, as evidenced by the required security elevation at Fort Bliss in Texas: utter, complete dereliction of duties.  It remains to say only this:  there is no chance that Obama will be taking a blue ribbon in the State Fair, unless they start offering prizes for best grown weeds.