Friday, June 20, 2014

Flag Doesn't Offend Muslims ... But Does Offend Manager

For nearly twenty years, my wife, Terri and I would host a barbecues and fireworks gathering on the Fourth of July at our Springfield home.  Nothing fancy.  Just doing what, I suppose, we have always done best, being available and hospitable.

In that time, among those who came, enjoyed whatever we grilled or chilled, watched the fireworks, and celebrated the REVOLUTIONARY act of a people declaring independence from a corrupt tyranny, were a number of folks, typically teens, who were, either ethnically or religiously Muslim.

None of them ever betrayed a sense that they were offended either by the patriotic act of celebrating our Nation's birthday, or the completely Americana acts of barbecues and fireworks.

So, when an apartment manager threatens a leaseholder and demands the removal of his US Flag from his balcony, and asserts that the flag may offend Muslims, I call BS.  I'm not contending that we do not have among us some folks who may be tomorrow's hijackers.  For goodness sake, we are watching the hijacking of an entire Nation by a man who attended college on scholarship funds awarded TO FOREIGN STUDENTS, whose administration is peppered with those that loathe America for its liberty, and its long-standing role as a defender of the down-trodden.

No, Madam Apartment Manager, me thinks thou dost protest too much.  So why is it that you are offended by the flag?