Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Lady: "Let Them Eat Vomit!"

As reported at the Mail Online, the signature project of First Lady Michelle Obama has not produced the gustatory delights that are often a signal of a chef's accomplishment:

I wonder who thinks that a good result has been gotten when those who review the result say, "It tastes like vomit."

Like "vomit."

Mind you, I realize the capacity of minors to hyperbolize. But, then, the remark that the food tastes like vomit, was from a school board member. So perhaps it's not that FLOTUS Moochelle Obama has convinced the federally floated school lunch program to reconstitute human emesis as breakfast and lunch. I suspect what it is is that FLOTUS confused her idea of what a good idea is with what should be the national norm.

I'm for well-balanced meals.

I cook proteins, green and orange veggies I steam, I offer salads with mixed greens including darker greens, and lots of antioxidants come in through my tomato doors. I have NEVER had a child or an adult refer to the results as tasting "like vomit." Nor have I thought that, simply because folks seem to enjoy my ideas about cooking (maybe just because if I'm cooking they're being given a break), that I should be made the national school lunch czar.

Yet FLOTUS is the school lunch czarina. And given the reaction of students from across the nation, I think Moochelle may need to be reviewing the history of the Bolshevik revolution.