Monday, August 19, 2013

Potentates Don't Obey Laws

Here's a puzzlement.
If the State in which you live requires that you register your car within 30 days of moving it into the State, and six months later you are stopped by a constable and ticketed for having out of state plates, will your plea of insufficient time be heard as a defense to the offense?

If you enter a local park that has posted hours, and warns that presence during closure constitutes trespass, will your plea that you had insufficient time to depart from the park be heard as a defense to the offense?

The truth is, and it is as true a truth as comes along the pike, the government DOES NOT CARE about your excuses. When it imposes timetables and deadlines on citizen behaviors, it holds citizens feet to the fire (and often toasts citizens toes with criminal prosecutions).

But whaddya care if the Government imposes deadlines BY FEDERAL LAW and then just blows through them like Elvis in a 67 Caddy blowing through a one-speed trap town near Tupelo?
Yet that is just what the Obama administration has done, blowing deadline after deadline in a law that was NOT drafted by Republicans out to set booby traps for an unwary president, but was drafted by boobies in Congress (Pelosi being the Chief Booby) laying meaningless traps for an out-of-control, egocentric president.
You can read about the deadlines in an UNPUBLISHED Congressional Research Service memorandum here. 
You can read a great summary, in Forbes, about how Obama's administration has blown past more than half the deadlines here.