Thursday, April 7, 2016

Indiana ACLU: The Newest Sh!t Weasels ***UPDATED***

I love "Dreamcatcher."
The book. The movie.
Now, although there are movies that my wife shares my love for, "Dreamcatcher" is not one of them. There's a bit of crudity to the movie that, frankly, is essential but disturbing. The essence of the story is a struggle between good and evil, or, more properly, earthlings and aliens. And these aliens grow in the human intestinal tract and make graceless anal exits. For this reason, in the book and in the movie, they are referred to as "shit weasels."
As I said, I love "Dreamcatcher." And not just because of "shit weasels," though I find "shit weasels" to be an immensely entertaining concept, and highly appealing to my overly juvenile sense of humor.
My love for "Dreamcatcher" grew from the seed of a small decency, a kindness, performed by the cohort of heroic boys-into-men that are the stars of the story.
As youngsters, they come on the scene of older boys bullying a boy that appears to be mentally retarded.
Today, of course, we don't say mentally retarded. We say, "differently abled" or "cognitively disadvantaged." Of course, the very folks that insist that "retarded" is a horrible, hateful term are often the folks who are perfectly fine with targeting the handicapped for extinction by selective abortion .
So, there they are. Younger. Smaller. Up against Bigger. Tougher.
But they do the right thing. The RIGHT thing.
Stephen King knew what the right thing was. It's a plot essential in the story. You know what the right thing is.
They stepped in. Risking life and limb, they interposed against injustice. And, in the process of rescuing a seemingly retarded child from cruelty and bullying, they each came to share in a special gift, the result of their kindness to the seemingly retarded child, Douglas, who has difficulty saying his own name, so he is understand to say that his name is Duddits.
The rest of the story could not happen but for the momentary heroism of those boys. If you haven't read Dreamcatcher, or watched the movie, I'd certainly recommend it. Yes, there is ripe language and some sexual suggestiveness. But if you've managed to survive an afternoon of NFL football and they commercials that accompany that kind of programming, you'll be okay.
Now, to the point.
Those boys did not say, "we have to rescue the retarded boy or this story is going nowhere!" They didn't say, "we have to rescue the retarded boy so that he, an alien disguised as a human child, can give us each important special gifts!"
Really, when push came to shove, they just said, "What you're doing isn't right," and "you won't do this, not today, not here, not now, not if we can help it!"
They put themselves on the line and protected the essential human dignity of a handicapped child.
And they won my heart in the process.
I've mentioned before that as young teens, the Hendersons worked with handicapped kids. Teens for Retarded Youth (TRY). The Willard School in Fairfax, Virginia. We learned open love, generosity, contentment, and patience. We witnessed the dignity that inheres in folks that situational ethicist Peter Singer believes should be dead.
So, maybe I was a patsy for the easy pitch to heart strings.
Or maybe there is something gripping about folks that shelter the weak, the hurt, the endangered. In which case, I suppose I'm a patsy for a new law in Indiana. There, the governor has signed into law a prohibition on abortions that target babies because of genetic disability. Predictably, the high school bullies -- Planned Parenthood and the ACLU -- have immediately appeared on the scene to complain about anyone questioning the judgment of women who would kill a child just because it's retarded.
So, there you are. Admiring the SSDD boys, thinking how amazing their lives became because of one act of courage, and then suddenly confronted with the very question that framed the lives of those boys to the ends of them: do you sit idly by while the handicapped and differently abled are bullied TO DEATH?
Spread the word.
Get folks thinking about why there is a gross immorality and horrible wrong in murdering a child because of its handicap. Be a friend to the Dudditses of the world. Don't be a shit weasel!

*****************U P D A T E*****************

On June 30, 2016, Judge Pratt, the federal judge hearing the lawsuit in this case, published her decision and order. Judge Pratt has forbidden the State of Indiana from enforcing the law pending trial.

For further details, I have a separate post about that decision here.