Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hitlery Declares War

In every successful campaign, there has to be a despised enemy to be destroyed. In WWII, Hitler played the role well. In the Cold War, Nikita Kruschev, banging his shoe on a desk at the UN and proclaiming the USSR's plan to destroy the US worked well too. Hillary Clinton, needing to be ever the stalwart leader (given her having never successfully led ANYTHING), has found the enemy, and it is coal. What will Hillary do, if elected president? She'll attack coal, coal miners, and coal companies. Coal miners to be laid off, coal companies to be shuttered.
Then, you may want to ask, where the fuck will coal powered electricity generation plants get coal?
Answer: They won't, or they'll IMPORT it from China.
Now ask yourself, who benefits from importation of coal from China? You might as well ask, too, who benefits from shuttering of coal powered energy generation plants? The insanity of the Statists and Progressives includes their willingness to punish poor people, working families, and the middle class with skyrocketing energy generation costs due to switching to other forms of electricity generation (and thus incurring the construction costs of such new facilities). These people don't care about you. They don't care if you have to choose between lights or food, between a fan running or gas for the car (if you can afford one).
You think Obama was talking to Africans when he said NOT EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE AIR CONDITIONING? First of all, who the FUCK is a foreign president to tell people in Africa whether they can aspire to air conditioned homes? Second of all, given the Obama-Clinton Doctrine, "First we kill the coal," there is NO REASON TO BELIEVE that Obama was talking to Africans. He was telling you and me and your friends and my friends and your families and my family that some folks JUST WON'T BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO USE ELECTRICITY. 

And this low brow HUMP, Cankles Clinton, is going to put coal miners on unemployment and coal companies out of business? 

Sounds like a declaration of war to me.