Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#SixDeadSoldiers Should Mean One Dead Campaign

If you would, dear friends, join me in a campaign using the hashtag shown above, on Facebook, on Twitter, and elsewhere.
It memorializes the email response sent by Cankles Clinton to Hum a Weiner, her top aide, 13 minutes after Huma sent her an email advising of the death of 6 soldiers.
Cankles' responsive email? Where can a find a high-end gift shop in DC.
So, to hammer home the thoughtlessness, the inanity, and the inconsideration of this strumpet, consider drafting some FB statuses and Tweets using the #6deadsoldiers hashtag.
Here are some examples:
  • #6deadsoldiers any idea where I can get an engraved sterling silver hairbrush and mirror set
  • #6deadsoldiers any idea where I could order 1600 count Egyptian cotton bed sets?
  • #6deadsoldiers any idea where I can buy Mont Blanc fountain pens?

This piece of garbage, the would be president, wants to command the armed forces of the United States. Nothing in her email about the loss of lives. Nothing about the sadness, the tragedy, what can be done for families. Just, oh, dead soldiers, I need to buy some expensive gifts for my expensive friends.
If you haven't picked up on the theme yet, Clinton is a bitch, completely ill-suited in temperament, skill, and character to the office of the presidency.
As a next season cast member for Orange is the New Black, however, I'm sure she'd be entirely suited to play sidekick to Crazy Eyes.