Monday, November 9, 2015

But Hey, Brown's a Good Look on You

You know, if a man reaches down, picks up some dog crap off the lawn and rubs it on your face, that isn't an accident. It is purposeful. 

That kind of act is stunningly provocative. 

When it happens, reasonable folks don't ponder whether they just witnessed an accident, a freak but unintended act.

Having analysts on the scene enhances our grasp of this fact:

Fred: Oh, look Kenisha, he just bent over and is picking something up off the ground ... wait ... is that what I think it is?

Kenisha: Fred, I think he's going for the dreaded poop on the face attack. You don't see this very often, but when you do, you know sparks are going to fly.

Fred: You called it, Kenisha, he's rubbing on the man's face, and the man is in complete shock ... just standing there, letting it happen.

Kenisha: Yeah, that's the poop on the face attack's most effective moment ... virtually every time you buy minutes, at least, before a reaction.

Fred: Still, I find it hard to believe he did that ... I mean, picking up dog poop with his hand and handling it? I think he might have been confused, or mistaken, or something.

Kenisha: Fred, things like this are not a mistake, they aren't an accident. He knows what dog poop is, he knows what he was planning. No accident, this was intentional for sure.

So, let's apply this principle of obvious and intentional insult to our present circumstances.

To date, more than half of the health care insurance cooperatives funded by loans and grants from the federal government have collapsed. 

The infographic above was created by Freedom Partners to help illuminate the devastation the Democrats' failed approach -- virtually indistinguishable for typical 5-year plans by socialist governments -- on this aspect of the health insurance industry.

If you're a Fred, like the commentator above, you might entertain the unfortunate delusion that this outcome was accidental?

Fewer than 7 million people that formerly did not have health insurance obtained it for the first time, but the majority of them did not buy their own insurance with their own money; rather, they became eligible for Medicaid under expanded coverage rules adopted by States that chose to cooperate. The 40+ million that didn't have insurance didn't come in from "the cold." You think that was an accident?

Millions have been driven into part time employment under Obamacare. Obamacare rules for employer provided health insurance plans predictably forced employers to make a Hobson's choice between costly policies providing preposterous levels of coverage or moving workers over into part-time employment solutions. 

Home Depot did it. 

Walgreen's did it. 

Trader Joe's did it.

Other employers did it as well. The result is the decrease of fulltime hours worked in the United States, and the burdensomeness of having household members working sometimes two or three part time jobs and still not having any kind of health insurance.

And, like Fred the naive analyst above, you think that was an accident?

Millions have not been able to keep their doctors. 

The four-Pinnochio lie from Barack Obama was just that, a lie. 

When Obama opened his mouth to utter it, he contemptuously uttered what he knew could not be true and said it with every intention that your fears about losing the relationship with your doctor would be sufficiently salved that you would not rain fire down on Congress during the push for passage of the act.

Still, like Fred, you think that was an accident?

Millions have not been able to keep their existing health insurance plan. You think that was an accident?

Millions are seeing skyrocketing premiums, deductibles, co-pays. You think that was an accident?

Obama, Reid, Pelosi. 

They bent over into the Nation's collective yard, and like the proverbial monkeys flinging poo, have flung poo on the American people, on their ability to make private arrangements for health insurance, on their relationships with their employers, on their relationships with their doctors, on their pocket books, on their futures.

Meanwhile, McConnell, Boehner, and the RINOs leading Congress are those commentators, giving us the blow by blow. No, they are not referees or umpires in the ring, on the field, on the ice, calling penalties, imposing mandatory counts, putting players in the penalty box. God forbid, those putrid Republican saps seem to think, that we should take ALL the CHIPS OF OUR POSITION AND POWER and put it on ONE SQUARE:  Shutdown until repeal and replacement.

So, America, they've lathered you with shit. They've worked a ruin requiring spine, grit and sheer will to undo. And you have polite golf commentators for leadership on the only opposing side, instead of Davy Crocketts, Daniel Boones, George Pattons.

But hey, brown is a good look on you!