Monday, November 16, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter: From Whining to Deliberate Hate, How #FuckParis Reveals the Heart

I have learned that some people are getting bent out of shape because folks are stressing over the mass murder in Paris. Some of the upset has resulted from all the French-flag theme profile pics appearing on FACEBOOK.

I didn't use that FACEBOOK-provided tool to change my profile pic. Instead, what I did early Saturday morning was to change my profile pic to a photograph of a jet dropping bombs. A lot of my FACEBOOK friends did use that tool. They did so to express their outrage, their empathy toward the French, and such.

FACEBOOK created the "color my profile pic" tool.

To my recollection, its first appearance was the day of the Supreme Court's same sex marriage decision. At the time, it was used by folks who wanted to celebrate that decision. This new version, masking the French Tricolor over a profile pic, has allowed people to express their shock and outrage, and, obviously, many have used it to do so.

That tool wasn't made available by FACEBOOK for subscribers to express their feelings when over a hundred students are murdered by Islamic extremist radicals in Kenya. Nor did FACEBOOK make the tool available when hundreds of school girls are kidnapped by Islamic extremist radicals and turned into sex slaves or forced to convert to Islam to avoid being murdered. For that matter, that tool wasn't made available when over a hundred school children were murdered by extremists in a Pakistani school.

Had the tool been provided then, I suspect folks would have used it. That it wasn't made available then may reflect on the judgment of developers of apps at FACEBOOK, After all, the rainbow tool appeared quickly for the same sex marriage celebrations.

I suspect -- if we had access to FACEBOOK's proprietary information -- we would find that the introduction of the rainbow tool was planned in advance. That FACEBOOK imagined offering the tool in advance, and then failed to offer it as an answer to an outrage like Paris, before Paris, says nothing about FACEBOOK users. It says something, if anything at all, about FACEBOOK's corporate culture.

I do know this, among my FB friends, outrage was expressed in each of those instances, prayers were offered in each of those instances, and pleas were uttered for a strong military response in each of those instances.

I don't know how many blacks, whites, Asians, Native Americans, Polynesians, etc., were murdered in Paris. In fact, until the RACISTS at #BlackLivesMatter engaged in their own outrage, I suspect most folks did not ask themselves such questions, so that they could sift their sorrows along demographic lines.

Having never traveled outside the United States, I haven't been to Paris. Everything I have read or seen about France and its fabled City of Lights does tell me that there is a high likelihood that the victims crossed racial, religious and cultural lines. I do know that folks' distress is not RACIAL or RACIST. So, I suspect those who are flipping their wigs over that response are agenda-laden and not thinking things through. That's forgivable and understandable.

On the other hand, there are the #RACISTS at #Blacklivesmatter. Those "fine folks" -- upset that mass murder in Paris has temporarily drawn attention away from such outrages as the shitstika at #Mizzou -- have begun a twitter campaign using the hashtag #fuckparis.


#Blacklivesmatter, what you have done is to strip yourself naked, revealing your disgusting heartlessness. All you fine #Mizzou college students, you should be grooming yourselves in rectitude, as well as should all of us.

I realize it's a quarter sized word. But our world would benefit from your adherence to a high standard of conduct. Your very campaign, #blacklivesmatter, suggests a call to such a high standard of conduct by government officials, particularly police. And that call to a high standard by government officials is one I support. Any long term reader of this blog knows that I criticized the shooting of Michael Brown -- not because it was not justified in context, it was -- because the officer should not have exited his vehicle. He should have called for sufficient back up to manage the situation, thus avoiding the need for the use of deadly force that eventually arose.

But when you #Blacklivesmatter folks fear loss of public attention -- a loss of attention also suffered by folks raising funds for cancer research, a loss of attention suffered by folks working to increase the transition of at risk youth from foster homes to adoption, a loss of attention suffered by every other thing otherwise going on this weekend -- instead of rectitude, instead of recognizing that the muffled tolling of bells for those dead are, in fact, tolls for your loss, for my loss, for every Parisian's loss, you engage in the most venal devolution, from human to chimpanzee, and create the offensive #fuckParis?

  • Had you been around during the Great Chicago Fire, would you have tweeted #FuckChicago?

  • If you had been around during the forced march of Native Americans, with the accompanying privation, starvation, and deaths, would you have tweeted #FuckTrailofTears?

  • If your movement had already coalesced at the time, would you have decried the loss of attention to your concerns in September 2001 that would most assuredly have accompanyied the attacks on the United States with a #FuckTwinTowers or a #Fuck911 tweet?

  • When can we expect to see your #FucktheHolocaust tweet?

Your thoughtlessness, your rudeness, your lack of empathy, your naked cruelty, these are the things you have exposed about yourself. Your low and base nature deprives you of the capacity to understand how the death of each person diminishes you. Then, rather than mourning and remembering, like a child with a skinned knee complaining about attention being paid to the patient with the broken leg, you go full TANTRUM. There is nothing worthy or respectable about you, your concerns, your desires.

In fact, your corrupt knavery has led this blogger to create his own new hashtag, #notallblacklivesmatter.

Good on you!