Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Campus Rape Crisis? Bringing #Cocksnotglocks To A Texas University Near You

So the usual warning ... don't read if you are easily offended, if you don't care that idiots are driving the wagon and headed to a washed out bridge and there's babies in back that will drown when the wagon goes into the drink ... for goodness sake, do not read!

#cocksnotglocks is the hashtag of the day, it seems.

It appears that the geniuses who brought you #blacklivesmatter and #defendPlannedMurderhood are shocked that Texas will authorize carrying guns on certain parts of certain campuses.

Now, the prohibition of guns on campuses sure deserves respect and praise. It saved all those lives at Virginia Tech and in Umpuqua. Of course, the gun free zones at federal facilities kept Islamic radicals from murdering people in Tennessee and at Fort Hood, Texas. So, of course, it makes sense to continue to prohibit firearms possession. Chicago proves just how effective is a tactic of population control that gun control.

But seriously. #cocksnotglocks certainly raises a possibility of ambiguous messaging.

The genius that came up with #cocksnotglocks and a planned day of protest in which visitors to the University of Texas-Austin will bring dildos to campus, hanging from their backpacks, their pockets, or wherever else, answered some questions about her idea, for some reason, the Houston Chronicle gave the Q & A the kind of spread that one would think would be devoted to a real story of human interest. Instead, Texas dildo queen Jenny Jin gets the spread (do you see what I did there?).

So you think more guns on campus will result in more gun crimes, right?

And, wait, aren't you the same folks who are telling us all about the epidemic of rape on American campuses?

And you are calling for more #cocksnotglocks?

And just exactly what do you think having more #cocksnotglocks is going to accomplish? Put randy teen and young adult men on campus, surround them with young women who are liberated and slinging dildos in class, in the student union, on the quad.

#cocksnotglocks sounds like an excellent plan ... for increasing the incidence of sexual assaults on campus. And I can hear the defense attorneys now, arguing to the jury that a young lady may not have intended to do so, but that they should consider that by walking around with a dildo hanging out of her back pocket or back pack or the like was indicating her present readiness and desire to get jiggy with it.