Monday, October 5, 2015

A Caution for the Statists: Fuck Not With The Natural Rights of Men

The Bill of Rights came about as a compromise between Anti-federalists who feared that the ultimate result of the Constitution would be a central government of continuously expanding size and constantly increasing power, on the one hand, and Federalists, on the other, who claimed that such an outcome would never be possible under the Constitution.

You can read the Federalists. That series of papers, by Alexandria Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, earnestly argue that the American people would never tolerate the federal leviathan forecast by the Anti-federalists.

To clarify though, neither group thought that the "Bill of Rights" was a list of permissions or privileges being granted by the federal government. These rights were recognized rights of men as creations of Nature and Nature's God. The right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to property are affects of our human nature created in God's image. These rights can certainly be trammeled by others, but they are not GRANTED by them.

One of the key disputes between the two groups was over the need for a statement of these rights, given that the Constitution created a government of limited, donated powers, and reserved all rights not expressly granted to it, to the People and to the States, respectively. For Federalists, adding the Bill was, in that sense, surplusage. The limitation of the ability to restrict those rights constituted surplusage -- in their view -- because the Constitution did not grant the federal government powers to restrict these rights. Notice that the Federalists did not dispute these rights existed, nor that they came to men as an affect of their status as created beings of a superintending Divinity. The only point of contention as to these rights was whether stating them in a Bill of Rights was necessary or excess.

Add two centuries of experience with the burgeoning federal government to the debate between the Federalists and the Anti-federalists, and then ask, who correctly foresaw the future?

The question makes the heart ache.

Congress passes laws restricting freedom of speech. Obama imposes (and threatens to impose) restrictions on the natural right of self defense. The Supreme Court bitch slapped the right to life by purporting to find, in the penumbra of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, a right of women to kill their own offspring with government sanction.

Of course the Anti-federalists were right.

Honestly, for me, the only question is whether the brilliant minds of Jay, Hamilton, and Madison masked an improbable and imponderable naivete, or whether they masked darker designs. I think the former, and when I ultimately scour and score the Federalists Papers, the title of my tome will be the Folderol Papers.

So we come to this moment.

A braying ass occupies the White House.

He IGNORES that the murderous bastard who killed nine others in Oregon -- according to surviving witnesses -- selected only Christians for shooting in the head.

He IGNORES that the murderous bastard who killed nine others in Oregon did so in a GUN FREE ZONE.

He FAIRLY TAUNTS the American People, from behind the Armed Curtain of the White House, with threats of disarmament of the People. The Federalists denied that a power to restrict the private ownership of weapons was granted to the federal government by the Constitution. Obama, by reports, is presently awaiting the preparation by his toads and minions of additional executive action FURTHER restricting the right to keep and bear arms.

Yes, the Folderol Papers. Because the federal leviathan is real, is threatening, and will consume the rights of men.

The Congress, which ought to be a bastion of the rights of the People, has proved, over the course of years, either to be fellow travelers of Statists (when Democrats run Congress) or useless, feckless, ball-less wimps, whose stances leave the person of normal sensibilities wondering why they had never noticed before the existence of a subclass of the human species devoid of a backbone.

So, use your rights, or lose them.

Speak now.

Threaten now.

Put those who think that they can trammel God given rights with no more consideration than if they accidentally brushed against you while passing in a crowd that you will explain in hot lead why you do NOT FUCK AROUND WITH THE RIGHTS ENDOWED men by God.