Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gonads, Got Your Gonads Here: Planned Parenthood, Vendor of the Slain

The Center for Medical Progress has released today that latest installment in its video expose of the ghoulish Planned Parenthood chop shop services.


Okay, I agree. Hard to watch. Hard to stomach. But if you think hearing these things is difficult to stomach, put yourself in the position of the castrated, mutilated, and murdered little boy whose gonads this Nazi will make available for a "fair exchange."

Fresh eyes
Fresh hearts
Fresh gonads

Think about it.

Really, the thought grinds into my soul and I believe it could make me crazy.

Here's a BITCH, jabber jawing about profiting from murder with no more concern than if she was eating cannolis with Tony Soprano. Any moment, she might break out in a song:

In Denver's fair city, where maidens are pretty, there's a tired old tramp, eating salad, and drinking oh,
She all bright and clever, when the bodies they sever, she sings
Fresh eyes, Fresh hearts and gonads, gonads Oh.

Yes indeed.

The madness is in full roil.

Every castrated baby boy should be heard now in the ears of the Almighty: "how long oh God will you fail to avenge our blood, on Barack Obama, on Planned Parenthood, on John Boehner, on Mitch McConnell, on Republicans, on Democrats, on Harry Blackmun, on Sandra O'Connor, on Anthony Kennedy, on every judge whose judgments stood up child murder as a business in America?"