Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Bit of Doggerel: The Cowboy Clown's Lament

The Cowboy Clown's Lament

I was just a clown in a rodeo,
When cowboys fell away I'd go,
Distracting bulls to keep folks from getting Gore'd
Until my antics caught up with the media hoard.

Never bothered folks when I wore a Hillary mask
Never hollered at or hooted down when a Bush got whacked,
Then one day I wore the mask of a truly dangerous clown,
And that's the day, my dear friends, the shit started raining down.

Now the Show Me Staters Have done just that,
They've shown me the fair door
And they've made it plain as plain can be,
I'm welcome there no more.

All because the crowd roared its thunderous approval
When the announcer asked if the Obama clown should get
A beastly under hooval.

Now a clown don't hurt in a rodeo,
And sometimes will save lives,
but a clown in the Oval Office?
Brother that's worse than just some jive.

Jim Henderson